The 7 Step Plan to Become an Electrical Engineer

Step 1: Research How To Become An Electrical Engineer!

​Successful electrical engineers didn't land on the career by accident, they got their through careful planning and research.

Becoming an electrical engineer requires an exceptional level of education, and the best thing you can do to help your career path is to start sooner rather than later!


Step 2: Get A Solid Educational Foundation

In addition to a high school education, you'll need a college degree to become an electrical engineer. To 

Set yourself up for success by taking a heavy courseload of math and science classes early on. Physics, calculus, and even economics will be classes that you'll find very useful down the road.

Step 3: Find The Perfect College Program For You

Electrical engineering programs come in all shapes and sizes. Some focus on a wide variety of general engineering, while others are specific to electrical engineering.

Make sure you select a college program that meets your personal needs and career goals.


Step 4: Excel And Stand Out In Your Engineering Program

Most great engineers have one thing in common: they excelled in engineering school.

While it's not easy, if you perform well in your college engineering program, it will give you a solid leg up over your classmates when it's time to look for a job.

Step 5: Take The Fundamentals Of Engineering Exam

The path to becoming an engineer involves several exams. The most important of which is "The Fundamentals of Engineering Exam."

Scoring highly on this exam is a critical way to jump start your career.


Step 6: Land Your First Entry-Level Engineering Job

Get that resume ready! You're now ready to begin your career as an electrical engineer.

While you have the requisite skills required for the job, at this point you'll want to focus on your most important soft skill: networking. Leverage your connections for the introductions you need to land an engineering job at the firm of your dreams.​

Step 7: Pass The Professional Engineer Exam

You're almost there! The last thing you'll need to do before you can perform electrical engineering work is to pass The Professional Engineer Exam.

This exam is no joke, and you should start preparing for it very early.

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