The 7 Step Plan to Become an Electrician

Step 1: Research How To Become An Electrician!

Like anything, embarking on a successful career as an electrician requires planning. You'll want to thoroughly research the field to determine the next steps to take to further your career.

Most people think of being an electrician as a job that occurs out in the field. While this is true, you'll need to prepare in advance as well. Electricians study hard away from the job to make sure they have the knowledge required.


Step 2: Complete Your Basic Education

While you don't need a PhD to become an electrician, you will need a high school diploma or GED equivalent. Electrician or not, completing a high school level education is an important prerequisite for most jobs, so get this done quickly!

Step 3: Apply for an Electrician's Apprenticeship

An important step in the path to becoming an electrician is applying for an securing an apprenticeship.

To ensure you have the knowledge required to perform basic electrician's tasks, you'll shadow a professional and learn from the knowledge they've picked up over the course of their career.


Step 4: Continue to Learn Away From the Job

As a budding electrician, your learning doesn't end in the workplace. You'll want to continue your self-education from home as well.

Your best friend in this process is going to be The American Electrician's Handbook. For over 100 years, this book has been the definitive reference for electricians.

Want to make an impression during your apprenticeship? Pick up this book now and get a head start on your career education.

Step 5: Begin to Build Your Network

Becoming a competent electrician is a necessary, but not sufficient step toward a successful career. You'll also need clients to to give and refer you work.

Start earlier rather than later when it comes to building up your network of potential business. Whether you start your own firm, or join an existing electrician's business, having your own clients will be a huge asset.


Step 6: Get Your Electrician's License

Being an electrician is a licensed profession. In order to begin work, you'll need to pass the relevant exams in your jurisdiction.

One of the best ways to make sure you're prepared for your licensing exam is to get a test preparation book. We recommend Journeyman Electrician Exam Secrets Study Guide.

It's never too early to start studying for your licensing exams!

Step 7: Jump Start Your Career

You've made it! Congratulations. At this point you've successfully completed your apprenticeship and received your electrician's license.

The fun has started, but the work has just begun. It's now time to start your career. Best of luck!

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