What Is An Electrician Apprentice?

By Emily Wilson | Electrician Career Information

May 12

An electrician apprentice is somebody who works under an authorized electrician in order to understand the trade through first hand encounter. The majority of states require aspiring electricians to take an official class via a trade school or technical college.

Occasionally, pupils might become an electrician's trainee during school as part of their training. Other times, a license may be acquired in school, then accompanied by a mandatory apprenticeship before the electrician could work by himself. If you pick to start your job as an electrician as an apprentice, you'll either work within an apprenticeship program of the union or in a non union program.

The most typical manner to enter an apprenticeship program is through an area union. Entering the industry in this manner will need little effort as you don't have to find a licensed electrician that's prepared to take on an apprentice. Apprenticeships via union offer an in house class room part as well. An important advantage to this is that trainees do not have to travel to another location, like a colleges, to complete their required coursework.

Your apprenticeship program or union may have a particular list of requirements you'll need to meet. With this choice, you personally take on the job of finding an electrician that's ready to take you on as a trainee. Even though not as common as going via a union, this method might give you a better chance of being put into an apprenticeship for that same reason.

Make several copies of the resume and visit all electricians in your town to hand to them! Curious about learning more about electrician careers? Check out some more of our insights here.

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